Aidonia's Cannabis Strain ‘Banga Kush’ Is Designed For Maximum Kick

Aidonia has recently partnered with Epican Medicinals Limited to launch his cannabis strain called “Banga Kush.”

The Dancehall artiste held a launch party at Epican Medicinals at Marketplace on Constant Spring Road in St Andrew, Jamaica on Wednesday (September 7).

Since 2019, the “Lala Land” entertainer has been a brand ambassador for Epican, a Jamaican retailer of medical marijuana.

During an interview with the Jamaica Observer over the weekend, Aidonia disclosed what initially sparked his interest in developing his own cannabis strain.

“My strain is a strong strain and that’s the vibe we love. Life is all about music and being creative, and marijuana is essential to my creative process,” he stated.

Banga Kush is a special Epican-Aidonia sativa-dominant hybrid strain designed for maximal kick, performance, and creative energy, according to a press release.

The proprietary strain was purportedly cultivated to the highest standards and is the partnership's dedication to Dancehall music and culture.

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During the COVID-19 pandemic, Aidonia focused on recording new music, practicing his craft, gardening and spending time with his family in Jamaica, according to sources close to the musician.

In the meanwhile, Aidonia is preparing to release two EPs later this year.

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